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Why Gala (GALA) Crypto Will Explode in 2022 | Top Gaming Altcoin to Watch (TIME SENSITIVE)

by Valhalla Team

We’Re gala and we cover all entertainment verticals. Our ambition is to be the respected leader in the web 3 space globally and that covers entertainment that cover that covers every every type of entertainment, whether it’s gaming or film or music. You know we’re in all of that. All right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily. My name is austin here with my brother aaron joined by the man, the legend himself jason brink head of blockchain at gala games.

Thank you for joining us thanks for having me guys, really appreciate it. Wonderful to be here today, definitely man and obviously i mean gal – has been making big waves. Snoop dogg tons of uh games on in development uh play to earn space. I want to get to all that, but just generally speaking, what’s your background? How did you get into crypto?

How did i get into crypto? Oh man, that’s a little bit of a long and convoluted story: um, okay! Well, the the first thing that you have to do is you have to kind of go back a little bit to uh 2010. When there was the earthquake in haiti um following the earthquake in haiti, i went there with a group of people um to do a little bit of disaster relief work, and you know we were working in a a hospital, i’m not a doctor. Nor do i play one on tv, but i’m generally speaking, a useful person.

So i was, you know, doing a bunch of jobs that nobody else wanted to do, carrying heavy things, cleaning cots that people had died on helping carry bodies around and stuff like that, and what i saw is a lot of people, uh suffering in extreme critical poverty. To the point where you know at the hospital, we had a mother who delivered twins and they died about five minutes after they were delivered, because she was so severely malnourished that she could barely support the children at the same time, millions and millions and millions and Millions of dollars was flowing into haiti, but none of it was getting to the people. People were dying of starvation, they were dying of dysentery, they were dying of cholera and the only sign of all of that. Those millions of dollars were a few usaid tarps and we saw one broken down un truck at one point in time, driving through the city. Some, you know old, toyota, so clearly, uh, there’s a big problem with the equitable distribution of aid, and so what i started doing is, after all of this experience, i kind of got to the point where i was looking at using blockchain technology as a way to Facilitate uh then fix some of the problems endemic to foreign aid.

You know how do we make sure that when money goes to the country that it actually goes to where it’s supposed to go, not to you know, sticky-fingered government bureaucrats, essentially, which is what typically happens in these sorts of uh situations where you know in some situations, You’Ll literally have like a pallet of money that gets rolled off the back of an airplane and handed over to some government official, who is for sure going to make sure that it goes where it needs to go right. And so you know that that was kind of the beginning of that i wrote a paper on it. Um submitted it to a global development network and bill and melinda gates foundation. Competition um ended up winning uh an award for that and that sort of catapulted me into the space and i’ve been in the blockchain space since then um. But i’ve come to the point where i recognize that governments and ngos do not move quickly enough to really get help to the people who need it most, which is where blockchain gaming came in, because with blockchain gaming we can build an ecosystem.

We can build a game, we can facilitate uh the the the transfer of wealth, essentially from people who want to pay into a game to people who want to earn by playing and everyone benefits in that ecosystem. And so that’s what i started doing and that’s why? I’M here with galli games, that’s quite an origin story. I love that um. Now as far as like gala games.

Obviously i want to find out about gala. How exactly did that start and how did? How did you get to where you are today so gala gala was started by it’s kind of a funny story, so i was, i was hanging out with the the two co-founders um in and this is such a bummer. This is one of those situations where it’s like you always get on the damn plane um. I was hanging out uh with the the two main co-founders um.

We were in india at the time just at an event, and we were all sort of discussing this as a general idea um and they offered for me to they were they chartered a plane to take somewhere else, and i at the time couldn’t afford to get On the chartered plane – and so they actually formalized the deal in the air um and then i kind of got dragged along a little bit later um. So that’s that’s how it started. The the the main founder is eric schermeier he’s one of the co-founders of zynga and everybody in the company. Well, most of us have, at the very least, a tech background, but a lot of people from gaming who got really really tired of the way that things were being done previously, and so we wanted very much to you know, create something better. Give gamers actual ownership of their in-game assets and that’s what we’ve worked to do so, just for all the new people entering the crypto space for the first time in these in these last few months.

What is gala games generally speaking, what is your mission and how are you guys, different sure, sure? Well, i i would actually like to to expand that a little bit i i would. I need to change this. Oh sorry, this um, so that it actually just says gala instead of gala games, that’s actually an old logo, um we’re gala and we cover all entertainment verticals. Our ambition is to be the respected leader in the web 3 space globally and that covers entertainment that cover that covers every every type of entertainment, whether it’s gaming or film or music.

You know we’re in all of that, and so that is essentially our goal and what we’re working on doing and we have a pretty substantially sized company now that is dedicated every day to achieving this. This ambition, like i think we got about 400 employees. Now i don’t know if it’s ticked over 400, but it’s it’s above like 390, now, damn crazy and we’re still we’re still growing, i mean, and and for those of you who have just entered the blockchain space for the very first time these last few months, um For starters, i’m sorry it’s been a rough couple months and uh. This is probably a little bit more ahead of us, but one of the things that i think differentiates us is from day one. We have built the entire company as if it was a crypto winter.

Okay, we we build from the perspective of crypto winter, we’re prepared for crypto winter. It does not slow us down, it does not hurt us in any way shape or form, and i think that that’s something that’s really a big differentiation, so gala is more than just games, but gala is also games. Could you tell us, i played the game when i saw your booth yeah. Did you tell us about the game? Yes, exactly it was a fun game.

Uh. I think i i obviously played a version where i didn’t connect. My wallet um, but can you kind of explain, is it free to play? Is there a is that crypto, um, basically yeah, that what you played was was the the alpha which is the open alpha? Anyone could step up and play.

You didn’t have to own anything to be able to do that and there’s no way. We would ever ask people to connect their wallets on some random computer at a convention like you know, we’re not we’re not terrible human beings um. So so, yes, there definitely is a a crypto version of the game. Um that specific game that you played is called spider tanks. It’S in a soft release right now, where we’re testing the economy with a a test coin, essentially to make sure that earning works correctly.

Uh, what what happens is that you are able to own nfts, which are you know, tanks and parts you can then play collect resources, upgrade your tanks. Eventually, you will be able to sell those tanks and in playing matches. You are able to collect and earn a currency which is called silk. Uh that you know is is part of the gala ecosystem and you’re able to you know, earn that and do whatever you want with it. It’S yours um, but yeah, that’s the the the basic!

That’S that’s one game. We have 28 games in the process of coming to market right now, what’s the most accessible for the average person, if they want to go right now, there’ll be links down below. But what can people play something now right now? I think the game that is the most accessible and it’s a big part of mayhem right now is actually townstar. Townstar is a farm simulation.

It was uh produced by the same guy who created farmville 2, actually which the farmville 2. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, i believe, peaked out at uh 34.6 million daily active users um, which is very addictive right um. This game is equally uh addictive. It’S a little bit different than uh farmville in that what you’re really building and what you’re you’re laying out is a factory.

So it’s about resource resource allocation, uh, optimizing paths and you know, building things out – we’re giving away significant prizes this month. As part of may mayhem, so i absolutely encourage you to click on the link somewhere down there um and go check it out. It’S a lot of fun. I’M a little bit undereducated on may mayhem sounds exciting. What is that exactly so mayhem mayhem?

The origins of may mayhem were last year. We we always like to give back to the community. Okay, that’s what it’s about for us is it’s. How do we create an opportunity to to give something to the community? And last year we gave away about a million dollars worth of gala and uh.

That was all part of our may mayhem. Giveaway people loved it. There was a tremendous amount of support. Lots of people joined our ecosystem because of it, and we decided that you know hey we ought to. We ought to do that again, except now we’re doing it with more games, so uh we’re giving away.

We have prizes for spider tanks. We have prizes for townstar uh, we’re introducing all sorts of new concepts. Introducing some uh referral reward structures uh. So you can earn yourself some nfts uh, there’s a lot going on you can. You can learn more if you join our discord at galagames.

hat, um and hop in there and talk to people, so there’s there’s lots going on and for the folks at home, spider tanks, the one i played that was fun. I recommend that one but town star curious to find out about town star. I hear it’s one of the popular ones. Why is it so popular? It’S popular because it’s very accessible?

I mean it’s one of those things that you know spider tanks. You can’t just set spider tanks up and then just sort of watch it go. Spider. Tanks is a 3v3 fast pass light or fast, paced light moba. So when you play spider tanks, you play spider tanks and you are in it.

You like get twitchy, it’s where your hand gets all sweaty, because you’re clicking away exactly um townstar. Isn’T that townstar you set things up. You! Let resources collect. You sell resources, you know you watch it go.

I usually set it up on a separate, monitor and just kind of let it run. It’S also very accessible because it’s easy to play on on mobile. So you can just go to the the website and you can open it up on your phone and and just play that way. So it’s it’s a nice uh relaxing idle game with a fun soundtrack and little chirpy birds in the background and stuff, like that, it’s very it’s very easy to get into nice gala in five years. What will be the reason?

Gala makes it where other gaming or entertainment vertical cryptos don’t, and what will that success? Look like well. The way that i look at this is that there is no other blockchain out there that is specifically designed to handle games. Most blockchains out there exist to handle balances of accounts. Okay.

So even if you look at bitcoin, it’s it’s very straightforward. You know that’s that chain very well understood ethereum can do a bit more okay, but ultimately, the end of the day, you’re still just kind of pushing token balances around um, while also like completely getting destroyed by gas fees right um, all of the l2s are cool. They really help with some of the gas feed problems um, but ultimately you’re still, you know tied to a lot of the same limitations. There are other l ones out there, but all of them aren’t they’re they’re not designed for games. Games require a very different set of of parameters that need to be passed along to to manage in-game inventory, to manage things like uh.

You know other whatever else may need to be on chain collection of resources position in the world um. Please forgive the train in the background um there. It is. I love it. It’S you know it’s like a fully immersive.

If this was a game. This is a plug for grit, the new game. That’S going to be coming out where you can actually engage in a train chase, it’s going to be super fun. It’S going to get you guys, a grit logo that can flash up on screen. Do that jump hop on hop on guys, um, so anyway, the where was it going with that?

Oh five years um? So what we’re working on right now is we’re in the process of getting ready to release our own l1, which has been specifically built to manage games. Okay, it’s specifically built for games uh and, as we begin the migration to that, i think that’s going to be something that that really differentiates us um. I think the other thing that differentiates us in this space less so now um is the fact that we we have a tendency to to really really bring the heat. You know we don’t uh when we announce something there’s already something there to see before we make an announcement.

You know so we’re getting ready to have galliverse here, uh in in a couple weeks and uh everything that’s gon na be announced there is, is, is getting pretty. I mean it’s, it’s it’s pretty far along. So it’s what we don’t do is the hey. We have a cool idea for a game: here’s a deck and a video that we had somebody make now. Please buy our tokens, so we can build a game.

You know: we’ve deployed uh over 400 million dollars, uh so far this year into new game development. So that’s a lot there’s a lot going on. Definitely, and i’m also curious. As you said, gala is more than games. You want to get into entertainment in general.

Obviously, guys are well funded well connected. I know you have ties to snoop dog, steve aoki. What is the what is besides the games? What does the entertainment side look like in the next couple years so the way that i the way that i look at this and and please uh, take what i say about about music with uh with a grain of salt, okay, sarah buxton, i highly recommend that You guys chat with her at some point in time, because she’s, adorable and british and wonderful and says amazing, amazing things the way that i the way that i see this when we look at the concept of of blank to earn okay, there is no reason that Everything that we consume in terms of our entertainment can’t have some sort of component like that built into it. Okay, one of the problems that we’re seeing in the music space and if you, if you sit down and you talk to snoop – which i’ve been happy to do a few a few times – he’s a really really cool, dude um.

You know you sit down and talk to him and listen to him, talk about the music industry and how badly everyone gets. Screwed. Okay, there’s massive problems with misaligned incentives there and what we want to do is we want to make it possible for absolutely awesome stuff to happen for artists, for people who want to make films for beginning filmmakers. For you know, artists that are just starting out. You know right now, if you’re an artist and you’re just starting out, you know the moment that you get the tiniest bit of traction, somebody’s going to try to lock you up in a record a record deal and then you’re, you’re kind of screwed.

You know you’ll do it, because you don’t really have an option. We want to provide that option, you know and we think that that entertainment should be much more holistic and and integrated with one another than it currently is right. Now you have film and you have music and you have games, there’s no reason that those three things can’t blend together seamlessly and create an amazingly immersive experience that wraps all of it together. So three, five years down the line, a new burgeoning artist will be able to go on your platform. Yeah cultivate an audience through nfts, you know bring in their audience and then just grow with them absolutely and it’s gon na be sooner than that.

Well, it’s going to be much sooner than that we’ve got, we’ve got so much going on guys. I mean it’s one of those things that, like it’s it’s kind of funny, because you posted the thing on twitter this morning, uh, you know saying that you know we’re having this interview and you know what questions do you have, and there were a lot of questions About you know when this, or will there be, you know additional utility for gala or will there be? You know all of these types of questions um were asked and what was was the thing that i would like to convey to people. Is that what you see of gala is the tiniest tiniest tip of the iceberg of what’s actually going on there in the background, there’s so much happening that that you know oftentimes people are like, oh well, when are you gon na update us about blank pick, a Project right and it’s it’s difficult, because we only have so many announcement spots in any given day that we can use um, you know, and so and each of these other games has its own team. That’S building it.

Okay – and you know, we bring them into discord and we chat with them there and things like that, but there’s just so many things that are happening. It’S hard to get that information deployed uh adequately, um, something we’re working on. Obviously, we’re scaling our marketing team massively right now, but yeah there’s a lot going on. So i want to get to just big picture bitcoin crypto market, but any final thoughts on what can we expect or anything we didn’t mention for gala this year, uh things that i would like to go into briefly um. There was one question that somebody asked uh about: um you know: does the does the bear market impact us um?

You know crypto winter. I want to reiterate that. No, not at all does nothing we’re just going to keep on building right on through it. I’M not even going to slow down during the ico craze of like 2016-2017. You know during the winter that followed that we saw a lot of projects collapse, and so you know from the get-go we we built specifically so that that does not happen to us.

Um utility for gala – i here’s a little outfit. You guys want alpha hell. Yes, okay, so um there is. There is something in flight right now. Um not fully announced, can’t go into too much detail but uh.

The the idea here is that the duration of time, which you have held gala, will matter in a next massive major ecosystem shift um. So so, if you, if you’re holding gala and if you’re the type of person that likes to move it between wallets, maybe don’t do that just kind of put it in the place and leave it there for a little bit. There’S there’s some some interesting news coming here pretty soon. That’S really interesting, because we’ve seen you know different protocols when they launch a token rewarding the community who already uses the protocol in a way that seems like it’s rewarding actual. Like true blue, you know gala believers.

Well, that’s what we we we want to. We want to reward the people that have helped build a strong ecosystem over time. You know, that’s really really important, because you know the way that i look at this and at the end of the day, this is this. Is super super critical at the end of the day, what we’re building is a decentralized protocol. Gala, yes, is a company, gala will publish games and – and those will be on this – you know much larger decentralized protocol um, but what we’re building is is based around the concept of community.

You know, so everything that happens is is involving this community. I am part of this community just as much as you guys are, and just as much as every person listening to this is, you know you guys are all part of this we’re all in this together, and we feel that those of you who have contributed the Most to the ecosystem should be, should be rewarded, so we’re working on building systems that do that. So does this have something to do with that announcement with you guys, you said you’re launching your own l1 chain. Does that go hand in hand? It might maybe who knows possibly well, i am going to stay, subscribed, stay up to date, jason.

Let’S talk big picture, big picture, crypto, let’s do it. Let’S do it man. This is my favorite. I love big picture, crypto. Okay, awesome!

You have been in this space for a long time right now we’re entering we’re entering a bear market, um crypto’s getting drained right now. Are you worried yeah? No, not at all, not at all the the the biggest challenges that blockchain has in the long run. Um is really a question of of of self-policing. Okay.

We we always find ourselves in this weird position in the blockchain space, where you know, blockchain is based on this concept of like ultimate freedom. Right um, you know you own your stuff. You know you control the keys, not your keys, not your coins right, i mean that’s something that gets drilled into every every blockchain person you know sort of from day one and the biggest challenge that we’re going to have is bad actors that bring regulatory pressure, and This is why it is. It is incumbent on all of us in the space to one at all times. You know comport yourself with integrity.

You know if it’s not the right thing, don’t do that thing. You know. Obviously, there are people who are going to do terrible, no matter what um, but, but you know, support the people that you know are acting with integrity. Um, that’s really important uh. The second thing is, is don’t panic?

Okay, never panic! It’S! It doesn’t ever help. If you have a hard time looking at you know numbers or something like that, i mean every once in a while i’ll talk to somebody and they’re like oh, my god, did you see the price of whatever um walk away, just just walk away. Go for a walk.

There is more important stuff out there than numbers, and, typically speaking, if you react with emotion to market conditions that almost never works and that’s like trading number like rule number, one don’t bring your emotion into it. You know so chill out a little bit. It’S gon na be okay. We i’ve been through like five of these things and every single time there’s been like the sky is falling, the sky is falling. You know when with ethereum dropped from like when it broke 100.

For the first time, and then it drops back down to like 20 or something at 25

I don’t even remember what it was. You know we’ve seen this again and again and again, it’s gon na be okay. Did you freak out that in your initial bear market? I’M you know it’s your first one, i’m i’m sure you were my first one. My first one – i i, oh god, what was that even i mean like a i was broke as hell at that point in time, so i didn’t have enough for it to really matter so there was.

There was a sense of zen detachment from it. I guess it’s like you know my. My five hundred dollars had gone from five hundred dollars to you know less than that. So like not not a huge loss here, um, it’s it’s never what what has always bothered me is when i’m working on a project. Okay – and this is something that i see i see with gala right now – okay, it is, it is very much a a bear market, the the prices of everything have gone down.

Okay – and i i never comment on the price of gala okay, so please do not take this as that: okay um. That said, what is always bothersome for me and always makes me feel bad is when i see people who this does bother and i really want to empathize. I really want to comment like i get people messaging me on twitter, all the time like. Oh, why is the price of gala going down? Why?

Why are you guys ever going to do anything like? Are you ever going to release a game? You know and – and usually it’s like somebody – who’s, not really part of the community. They needed a hundred bucks in on coinbase or something like that, and and and now i become like their their. You know whipping person on on twitter or something like that, but it always makes me feel really bad, because i really wish that i could like comfort people and say like dude.

You have no idea um, but i can’t and uh you know who knows the things that we’re doing will potentially have zero impact in that regard anyway, doesn’t matter, um won’t comment on it. You understand uh hashtag, not investment advice, but, like you, you get the the general the general point for sure. For sure. One of my final questions is: do you have any thoughts on being more bullish on bitcoin or ethereum, or do you think bitcoin will ever get flipped or do you think ethereum will ever get flipped um? That’S a good!

I mean i i i know that. However, i answer this question: i’m going to piss somebody off so so i i will i’m going to answer somewhat carefully. I do think that at some point in time i i don’t um, i don’t see anything in the near term – flipping bitcoin, okay, um. I do see bitcoin, you know falling to a lower level of market dominance over time, but i don’t see anything necessarily flipping it um. Unless some black swan event happens, um, there’s some.

You know weird zero-day exploit or something like some weird thing occurs, which which trashes it um or some weird regulatory action is focused specifically on bitcoin um. I don’t see that. I don’t see that happening, though really um ethereum is a little bit of another situation. I i like ethereum ethereum is is brilliant in in what it was attempting to do. However, i feel that it was built with such tremendously misaligned incentives uh that it is, is not uh good for the users in most cases um, and i think that eventually something will flip ethereum.

Oh, i don’t know what it may be. Yet i mean i i it just it’s great, don’t get me wrong, it’s fantastic it just it just it has. It has issues which are very difficult difficult to overcome from from a usability perspective, um yeah anyway. That’S that’s that i love it, though, that wasn’t criticism. It’S just, i think, keep it real.

We appreciate that yeah i try. I try um so much more. We could get into jason. I definitely want to have you back, but just final thoughts for the altcoin daily audience and how they can get involved with. May mayhem.

The best way to get involved in may mayhem is, i know, there’s a link down there, so so go click wherever that is click that it will take you to a place sign up and start playing. Very, very simple: will only take you like a minute to sign up it’s a super super simple process. Um so then start playing. Okay. The next thing is, is i highly recommend everyone join our discord at galagames.

hat, okay, uh. Once you join right now, yeah. Do it? Please um: once you get in there uh you can ask questions, we have the best and most helpful discord on the internet. They’Re amazing um, so i highly recommend you get in there and start asking questions.

People will be happy to help you um and that’s that’s really easy. You can also follow us at gogala games on twitter and i am at bitbenderbrink on twitter jason. Thank you very much man. Thanks guys. I appreciate it.


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