Who’s the Biggest Data Hoarder at LMG?


    There is no way in [ __ ] hell. You have 700 000 cds when it comes to storage. Everyone knows the rule of three two one. That’S three copies of your data across two different media types with at least one of them kept off site, but did the lmg staff practice what they preach? Acronis sponsored this video and provided a license to their acronis cyber protect home office software.

    So we could find out who the biggest data hoarder at lmg is and if their data is really safe, if they’re really doing it properly [ Music ]. I have two of the two terabyte 2.5 drive. One full terabyte 2.5 drive one 3.

    external drive for 5 terabyte. You said so many numbers because you were saying the size of the drive. This is impossible to, like you, have five five terabyte drives or six to five, two five, so you have ten. I had an ass, we got more. It was like a two bay one.

    Now i just like upgraded to like a four by one at another 12 terabyte in there. So that’s like 48 terabytes i’m, but i have like one drive: that’s in parity, so that nas is for 12. Terabyte drives right, yeah! Okay, if 36e is usable, it was mainly for all the photo i took and all the client project or my personal project and screw project, but they’re not full right now, because i just recently upgraded to the four-way drive, because i just recently upgraded it. So, like the current setup is the setup i want, but for those external drives i would really prefer just to have like them all in one.

    So andy, you have a bunch of external drives before right. He’S a mac user explains that that’s a fun way to say never mind so you’re, a mac user used to have a bunch of external drives like in a dock right, i’m assuming you’re using like a toaster, so you’ve sort of been just progressing over the years Of you’ve got this two bay and then you’ve got another awfulness, and then he finally bought a four bay, and then he gets a four bay and now he’s moving everything into it. Okay, no! Not already it’s like. What’S a backup like i, like those hard drive like external hard drives uh, i usually don’t plug them in so they’re kind of like uh, called code, backup, it’s not a cold backup.

    They bit rod andy, you got ta, keep them going all the time and you have to check the data. That’S on them. I will cry and cry hard. Your backup strategy is that you will cry if you lose, it he’s mean to future andy. Honestly.

    This doesn’t look like mac andy. This is windows. You have a you’re participating. Yes, you are wow. That is a very full five terabyte.

    Now that’s hoarding you fill up the whole thing until you have no swap space left. Alright, it implodes a cloud. Is your nas right? Yes, okay, so you got 31 terabytes usable, it’s actually pretty cool! Oh my god!

    All of these external drives is there photo? Oh yeah. There is photos, oh wait! I got ta see this wait a hub. You say!

    Oh my god! Oh, it is a toaster yeah, there’s! Okay, okay! Is that a little nice cable? What’S that it’s a tp link is that 2.

    g whoa look at you. Does the nas actually have 2
    5 gig wow, okay, so you’ve got two five terabyte drives that are entirely separate. Now you’ve got, oh, my god. Are these nvme ssds? What the hell?

    These look like inventory items to me, so they’re all just hooked up to your thunderbolt. What is this handy? So this is like the type of hoarder who’s got like garbage all over genuinely every room. Oh yeah, and i prefer the type of hoarder takes all their garbage and just puts it in one big golf pile in the middle of their living room. Yeah andy.

    You have a problem yeah. This is a problem. You need to consolidate this he’s working on it: okay, okay, okay! Is the plan to take everything put on the nest? Yes, okay, are you gon na get rid of the other things?

    No then he’ll have more space to put stuff back on. Think of your kids, i think this is he he’s like a six yeah yeah. I don’t know what the scale is. I have just about 23 terabytes on the main nas and then a couple other terabytes here and there and other drives we’re talking. It’S not super full because i mostly use it for game capture while i’m streaming, but uh, it’s probably like five or six terabytes at this point, so i got this nas as part of my intel upgrade setup uh.

    It was a old pc that i kind of transplanted into it. I’Ve actually switched a little bit of what would seen in the video it’s now like a windows system. It’S not uh. Unraid got ta love running your storage on windows. I have some backup stuff.

    So if it’s something that i’m really worried about losing – or i don’t – i really don’t want to replay i’ll put it to cloud storage – i pay for the extra storage on google. I do that too you mean you do things properly. I would replay all the games baby. You know who needs to deal with your backlog when you can replay the games you’ve already played. It sounds like he’s using this as like a like a memory bank for all the games that he’s played so yeah.

    That would be kind of sad to lose that, especially as it’s you know, high quality recordings of old vintage games that yeah nobody’s probably ever played before. Like i don’t know castlevania, it could be some of mario. Another thing that i would really change is that it’s actually a water-cooled system – oh god, the nas is water, cooled, yeah, water and and data, usually don’t mix too well, it’s an ass. It doesn’t need to be all it really does. Is end bank on the gpu, and so it’s kind of cool it sounds like his nas is also like his streaming pc.

    I think it’s in his encoding or something like that yeah. It sounds like it’s doing the streaming and the recording, which is pretty cool. Actually, double duty is a good idea: yeah wow, oh yeah buddy – is this taren’s desk jesus. This is like this is a roasting viewers, setups video. Now we’ve got a nintendo 64

    Sorry this is where the magic happens.

    There’S a lot of game com. Oh there we go, it is under the desk, you’re right, wow, look at all those! It’S all my hard drives. I think, under my recommendation, he bought a proper hba, which is cool rather than just plugging into like sata ports. That’S a good recommendation hold on this game.

    The attention is holding up the reservoir. Look at the tube. This is this is so beautifully jank. The funny thing is, it doesn’t look like any water is moving in here. The idea is, i can play games while streaming, while recording the footage, so i can do just 17 birds with 1.

    stones, pretty controlled chaos. I would say this is an extremely reasonable amount of chaos um, but the nice thing is he’s done, the garbage pile in the living room yeah, but it’s not like a garbage pile like this is the type of hoarding, where you just have too many knick-knacks and You’Ve got all your shelves and they just got crap all over them and you’re like no. I can’t throw out this vintage, mrs buttersworth. I might like to look at it in five years, not that i’m gon na sell it ah and un-watercool it, and if you’re not gon na un-watercool, it don’t have it sitting like on a game like kinking the tube. It’S i like it, i’m going to give you a seven david.

    This is this is pleasant. Yeah, that’s enjoyable! It’S at least contained in terms of storage. I have 20 uh hard drives roughly about two terabytes, each just 20 hard drives holy sh and then there’s three more that are like varying sizes of five four and eight terabytes they’re, all populated, because they’re, my backups collectively it’s about 82.5 ish terabytes and then on Top of that i have uh hundreds of tapes.

    Oh and then i have a five bay nas populated with eight terabyte drives all together. It’S around 127 ish terabytes, so uh, i’m i’m kind of old. Back in the day, i shot everything on tape, and you know it made more sense because data was or hard drives were more expensive, so it made sense just to shoot on the tape and have it on the tape. Uh degradation. Wasn’T that bad, especially with you know, digital video before working here, i worked uh doing wedding videos for about 10 years and uh.

    That’S all the videos. I’Ve ever recorded hundreds of terabytes of someone else’s wedding, [ Laughter ]. No, we used to also keep previous clients footage because sometimes they’d be like. Oh hey, we didn’t actually want to pay for a cut of this, but you know we’ve decided and do you still have it? We would like to pay you more money, and sometimes it can be a godsend.

    120 70’s terabytes is an unnecessary quantity of terabytes. Is it unnecessary yeah because he’s not storing linux isos right right, he’s storing other people’s weddings not to throw shade at drobo, but i kind of wish i didn’t go with the drobo droplets drobo. I was going to ask you that. Does anybody know what drobo is dropbox okay, cool uh? It was thunderbolt, thunderbolt, 2 and mac specific things yeah, oh, he didn’t even mention.

    I forgot he’s a mac guy. I i went with drobo the drobo setup, because i had a whole bunch of random discs, not like equal size and i wanted redundancy and that just was not an option with the standard knife. Is it just in a pile in the middle of his living room? Like i hope, i hope not bags so off-site, no, that was something i wanted to look into, but now that i’ve moved out of the wedding industry, it just isn’t really an issue. I think it’s only ever come up once that i needed to get footage again for uh past couple, see see i told you it does happen right one time how many weddings did this guy shoot?

    If he’s got hundreds of tapes, i mean he probably got so much dopamine saving the day that he’s never gon na delete any of this dick but tldr he should oh yeah burn it put it in your yard. I mean it’s not that big of a deal now, even if this is not a big deal, if you lost it, i’d be sad. Yeah i’d be more upset if i lost the videotapes to be honest, uh, which is part of the reason why i’m working on backing everything up. I actually bought a vcr too to back up all of my old vhs tapes from way back in the day. It’S a damn good, vcr too dan’s dad helped me fix it, so i shouldn’t say: help me fix it.

    He fixed it for me, it’s your dad like a vcr, repairman yeah. He ran a shop for years and years. He was one of the first colors tv engineers, yeah fixing them. That was a liberal estimate. Actually uh 127

    Like, like i mentioned it, it could be close to like half a petabyte half a petabyte.

    What? If, if i really like, want to convert everything which i haven’t yet, because i also have cds too, i just didn’t want to bring up. You know my pirating kind of prowess. How much does a cd hold 735 mega bibles? 100 terabytes?

    I want to see his plastic bags we’re talking. You know, half a million gigabytes. You said how many 700 30 megs you’re talking. 700 000 cds. There is no way in hell: you have 700 000 cds to make up.

    Okay. Okay, sorry, sorry, let me deduct! Let me deduct a little bit here. Let’S start with, like hundred and eighty that’s a lot of plus terabytes times a thousand. Oh my god!

    Still a lot, you need a warehouse to fill it’s cds mark yourself, even if i have more data somehow i don’t know if i can compete with half a petabyte of cds, but if i have more data i think mark still wins, because it’s just a pure Chaos, look at all these 200. No, that said, gigabyte. Okay, i’m not impressed anymore. All right! It’S just called a t7 old hard drive.

    It’S a five terabyte, a four terabyte of six terabyte, i’m sure everybody that must that’s the drobo, oh my god wow. He does have like 20 hard drives. I like that he, like 3d printed holders for them, or did you buy those? I don’t know, that’s an ass yeah, that’s probably the drobo. Maybe i don’t know i’m just so.

    Oh that’s not even that many. It’S like three bins and they’re like flat bins. It’S nice, i think mark was misleading us a little bit [ Laughter ]. I want to see the 500 plastic bags full of loose dvds on my main nas. I have 64 terabytes of storage and i’m using just shy of 40 terabytes of it.

    As a general rule, i store absolutely nothing on the individual computers in the house, because that’s how you lose data – oh absolutely right now i have pretty much no ssd acceleration. It’S basically all mechanical that can be. Okay, like my unraid setup, is, is purely just hard drives. There is cash drives, but i just use them for like storing vms, it’s kind of a weird perspective because he could like basically just have whatever he wants and instead he chose not only hard drives but they’re like the seagate archive ones. So they’re shingle drives yeah, not great.

    I also had some regrets before because i didn’t have a fast enough processor to handle transcoding movies, while also putting in closed captions, which is apparently like single thread limited. So i got my hands after i built it. On a 9990xe massive shout out, puget systems, that’s a really unique, cpu. Okay, my backup story is a little complicated. I do have a backup, i don’t know exactly where it is, and it’s super out of date.

    It’S really bad! I’M not practicing what i preach when it comes to my personal data, but the issue is, i was going to have jake help me back it up to the office. So this is all your fault. Isn’T that part of this project, good yeah, we’re building a target? So i will oh awesome, so that’s i’m solving it by green lighting.

    This video. If i lost everything tomorrow, i first i’d cry. I actually would and that’s yeah. You know what oh, my god, my backup stuff. So i even took home our old, i o say fireproof nas, but then i ran into some issue with the drives that i was putting it into because really it’s the photos.

    Yes, it’s all about the family photos and a ton of it. I have in google drive or in google photos right. He uses plex to sync, his phone’s photos back to his nas and like that’s how he stores them. So has he not heard of like sync tracer or like sync thing or one of those like google photos or dropbox or like, but it’s like sporadic right like it’s not organized the one place. I have definitely absolutely everything is my nas, and so i wanted to put everything on the fireproof nas, but then i ran into some issue with that too, and i’ve just been it’s like the mechanic with a crappy car.

    You know i just sometimes i don’t feel motivated to show my own tech stuff. He would cry yeah, i mean yeah, most people would. Unless it’s you know, you don’t want to lose hundreds of weddings. Oh yeah, it’s actually like pretty. I want this case.

    Damn it he’s the one that has it. What is the case? This is like a norco 24 bay case and i’ve been trying to find one. You just can’t that’s nice. They have awful back planes, it’s not that nice actually, but it’s just it’s like a cheap way to to do it, but yeah i mean it’s a pretty sweet setup.

    So i guess this answers the question of how much storage you have because we’re looking at it looks like you’ve got two. No, that’s worked, let’s use one okay, so it looks like you’ve got about 84 terabytes use something like that usable. So that’s pretty impressive. I think oh yeah array of 11 devices, my what so does your case allow for 11 or like what are you doing now? This is a 12 it’s a 12 okay, like i haven’t, touched the drives in my nest.

    Okay, so jake is the first one to have failures on camera setting up, but it’s not a failure. It’S like it’s not even in the array. It’S not even been detected, so it’d be 104 terabytes right and then plus the other eight terabytes, i’m just trying to beat mark missing, so that’d be 112 terabytes. That’S pretty good in my nas! That’S pretty good and your utilization is like at acceptable levels for a hoarder, i would say i’m using like 50 terabytes.

    What do you use your maintenance for? Well, besides, all the linux cds there’s a few linux, iso’s yeah, i back up all the other systems. In my house, which is only there’s only two systems but yeah because i have so much storage, i can just it’s just rolling back up it’s like, because i have like 60 days worth of backup. It’S pretty good. That’S pretty good!

    I’M like linus! I i i’m ethical about my linux isos. I pay for the subscription linux at isos. You pay for ubuntu when for ubuntu i pay for paper mint. A lot of it honestly is kind of redundant data that i don’t need.

    What is what boarding is all about? I will admit i have far too much data and far too much storage than i should have. You know yeah i back up to my home nas and i also back up to backblaze backwards. It cost me like 20 or 30 bucks a month but um. I know that it’s like safe there and it’s also at home, and it’s also on the origin.

    So it’s in like three different places. It’S in like montreal, like kentucky and vancouver so you’ve gone one step further between two on-site, one-off site. You’Ve also gone like two off-site, but in different countries, yeah, that’s uh, that’s pretty critical looks like you’ve got some unified equipment. There runs older, unified, very older, it’s a brand new, that’s the 2
    5 gig switch at the top. Oh okay, yeah, that’s good one, and then you’ve got that nice little rack mount cash, and that looks nice too.

    What kind of gpu you got in there? It’S a 1660 ti! That’S for linux, iso encoding! I got to score you! The problem is that you’re doing things properly and you have business related like critical infrastructure as well.

    It’S a very small percentage of what’s on there, but i don’t know six out of ten six seven out of ten six six out of seven. What did we score? Mark seven really yeah, i think mark wins. I think mark wins you’re a close, close goddamn sucker, but the problem is that you’ve you’ve done a reasonable setup here. Instead of playing games, you run game servers right, yeah mark is definitely chaotic and that’s what gives him the edge as you can see.

    Most of us don’t have a proper backup solution and that’s where cronus comes in they’re acronis cyberprotect for business and acronis cyber protect home office. Software makes protecting and cloning disks or copying data easy with premium services, get up to five terabytes of cloud storage. For your personal needs with a chronos, unfortunately, for us we obviously have way more than five terabytes, so we’re gon na point everyone to a server here at the office. That’S got quite a bit more storage you’re, going to start by opening a cronus setting your destination target then go to the backup, tab and select it and then hit backup. Now, if you’ve got anywhere close to as much data as we currently have prepare for this.

    To take days, particularly if you don’t have at least gigabit on your home network, acronis does more than just back all this up by the way it offers. Cyber protection features checks all of these files for any hidden infections, and it works with just about anything. That’S mac, os linux and mobile devices. They’Re all supported and acronis is giving you a chance to try it out thanks to a 40 off discount on their cyber protect home office software. When you use code linus 2022, thanks acronis, it took a while, but here we are a full offside backup for the biggest hoarders at lmg, all 400 holy 450 terabytes.

    Is that including mark’s half petabyte? A couple of the interviews didn’t make it into the video, but we backed them up anyway. So if you want to see those get subscribed to floatplane for the full set now we just have to make sure the server doesn’t catch fire again. Yes, thank you. Ploof very helpful thanks for watching, if you guys enjoyed this video, feel free to check out our other sponsored acronis videos like how to try windows 11 safely.

    That was pretty cool because i wrote it

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