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Stratis to invest in a new blockchain innovation center in Uganda  

by Valhalla Team

Stratis has formed long-term cooperation with King Oyo’s benevolent Foundation, the current king of the Tooro Kingdom in Uganda’s southwest, which has a population of about one million people.

The blockchain innovation center aims to improve the kingdom’s knowledge and blockchain development skills.

At the age of three and a half, King Oyo (Rukirabasaija Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV) became the world’s youngest reigning monarch.

He is well-known for his fascination with technology. The King Oyo Science, Technology, Innovation, and Industrialization park was established thanks to a recent collaboration with the Uganda Industrial Research Institute.

Stratis will fund a new blockchain innovation

Stratis will fund a new blockchain innovation center in the kingdom, which will help the kingdom grow knowledge and blockchain development capabilities. 

Knowledge will be conveyed through the creation of a syllabus that includes important use case examples to inspire creativity and inventive thinking about blockchain applications.

Stratis is a Microsoft-focused blockchain technology that was designed from the bottom up using C# programming languages. 

The course will make use of well-known development tools including Microsoft’s Visual Studio. Because Stratis chose to use one of the world’s most popular programming languages, participants will have access to numerous online knowledge.

The goal

Stratis wants to establish a senior team of business and technical responsibilities at the new innovation facility as part of the agreement, with the goal of expanding its ecosystem across Africa.

The partners will also work together on innovative blockchain use cases that will help the Tooro Kingdom run more efficiently for the benefit of its people. 

Agriculture is an area of great interest. The Tooro Kingdom is known for its fertile soils, sunny weather, and plentiful rainfall.

The objective at Stratis is to make it easier to integrate blockchain technology into existing computing systems.

To accomplish this goal, we created a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform written entirely in C# and running on the Microsoft.NET Core foundation. 

This means that more than 10 million C# developers around the world can easily integrate blockchain into their existing tech stack.

By adopting blockchain technology to enable new intelligent resource management facilities, Stratis’ management team already foresees the use of solutions in agriculture and track-and-trace. 

This will be accomplished by interfacing IoT devices with Stratis Blockchain technologies to establish immutable data storage.

The Stratis blockchain is a decentralized and highly secure platform for creating decentralized apps with smart contracts. The Stratis public blockchain has successfully secured over $2 billion in value.

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