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SOLIS launches the first decentralized entertainment ecosystem

by Valhalla Team

SOLIS, an entertainment token-based ecosystem that uses the power of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology to connect content creators and their communities, has launched the first decentralized entertainment ecosystem. With the help of a multi-company network, SOLIS offers an expansive ecosystem that allows collaboration and content creation between creators, audiences, investors, brands, and talent.

SOLIS team led by its Co-founders Brendan de Kauwe and Brett Claywell has a friendly relationship with Hollywood that had helped them to enter into a new generation of creative exploration that offers revenue-generating opportunities.

Besides, Solis NFT marketplace delivers interactive content that develops an ongoing dialog with the community in an exclusive and inventive way that is unique from feature films to daily episode content.

SOLIS mission

SOLIS aims at providing the necessary evolution to the entertainment industry by transforming the traditional financial model that has been stagnant for decades. 

With the help of $SOLIS, the soon-to-be-launched utility token, SOLIS will be able to achieve all the necessary tools for talent and producers to take full control of their narratives together with their community.

Additionally, SOLIS provides all-inclusive systems and a rich content ecosystem that is accessible by consumers and content creators across the globe.

SOLIS features

SOLIS has SOLIS Studios that develops and invests in feature films with successful producers, titles, and talent.

It also has HMBL House which produces impactful and great content that involves live streaming audiences. The audience can raise funds and awareness for charity works.

SOLIS Labs is like a technological glue that enables content creators to engage communities with their best content.

Team Valhalla

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