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Nissan GT-R generations DRAG RACE

by Valhalla Team

Hi, how are you matt watson here from carway, so i’m sat in a nissan gtr r32. Next to me is a nissan gtr r33, and next to that is a nissan gtr r34, and next to that is a nissan gtr r35. Actually it’s a nismo gtr, but yeah it doesn’t matter anyway. We’Re gon na have a drag race so before we do, if you haven’t done so already make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon, so you don’t miss any of these crazy videos. Now these cars are famous for their rb 26 engines and, as the name suggests, they have 2.

liters in capacity they’re straight sixes with twin turbo, and apparently they put out 280 horsepower, because that was a japanese gentleman’s agreement that the car should not put out more Horsepower than 280 horsepower and actually the reality is um slightly uh different. So apparently, this r32 puts out about 300 horsepower the r33 about 320 and the r34 about 340

That’S the torque 353 meters in there 368 newton meters in the r33, and then we’ve got 392 newton meters in the r34 in terms of weight. This r32 comes in at just over 1.4 tons, the r33 at just over 1.5 tons and the r34 just under 1
6 tons now they’ve all got four wheel drive and they have manual gearboxes five speed in this five speed in the r33 and a six speed in the r34 in terms of the price.

Well, the value of this is about 45 000 pounds. The r33 is worth about 70 thousand pounds and the r34 they’ve really gone up in value that one’s worth about 120 000 pounds. That brings me on to the nismo gtr, because that is a 216 model year car, that’s probably worth about 120 000 pounds as well. It’S quite different to these, though, because it has a 3.8 liter, v6 twin turbo puts out 600 horsepower and 652 newton meters of torque.

It’S got a dual clutch automatic 6-speed gearbox with launch control, so it has a serious advantage here. However, one problem that the nismo has is that it may be more advanced, but it’s also more advanced in terms of its weight weighs over 1.7 tonnes. If you’d like to compare the stats of all these cars side by side pause the video in a second because i’m going to put a panel which shows all the details you ready here, it is anyway, if you’re thinking about changing your car, you should check out Car way, because you can look at discounts on current cars to make sure you’re paying a fair price for whichever car you buy, and you can also sell your current car through car wow. You just upload.

Some photos give a brief description and our dealers will be on your car to make sure you get a great price for it, and then you can just choose the best offer from whichever dealer you want to go to and they’ll actually come to you and take Your car away put them on your account. It’S dead, simple if you want to do that, now: click on the pop-out banner up there or the link in the description. Alternatively, just google wow me car wow and we will wow you anyway. Let’S go on with this. Buy sell car wow now before we race we’re going to the obligatory car by sound check.

So here we go. I’M going to rev up this beautiful. All 32 should point out: it’s got an aftermarket, titanium exhaust, but other than that this car and all the others are standard. So i’ve already driven this and it sounds even better when you’re driving, but let’s have a little lesson to the r33, go on r33 rev up your motor okay, r34 rev up your engine going in anything from here anyway. Finally, let’s hear the r35 okay good we’ve got pink comment.

I wanted to vote, which you thought sounded the best. Let me know: okay, it’s in the comments pink comment, just vote right anyway, shall we race, let’s brace, yeah, let’s definitely race, good start from me. Oh here comes the r3 no way here comes the odds nightfall gon na beat him. I did i’m in the oldest and he didn’t come last so r33. I beat you off the line, but you ended up coming past me.

How was your race really really well? Yeah, i’m actually got a decent launch a little bit better, but uh came back here through the gear changes and uh just pulled a bit of a gap. R34, though, what’s going on mate, i was just being a massive nada with my launch and someone else is a very expensive car. I think i can do better, though, let’s do it again. Oh no!

This is closer now come on. That was a better start from everyone. We were pretty much on the money. Each time then r33. You did a better start that time and once again you beat me absolutely yeah.

It was a very close there, but evenly matched as well. You know between all three models: another 34

You started good that time, i’m happy with that one 35. How was that for you uh yeah, just looking in the mirrors? Basically, so then what exactly happened? Well, the r35 won completing the standing quarter mile in 11.

seconds. The r34 took 14
8 seconds the r33 seconds and the r32 was last finishing in 15.5 seconds now we have a rolling race from 30 miles an hour with the cars in second gear. Here we go three two one go come on b, speak speech, boost boost, boost, come on; look at the ribs. Very very close does alter on the gear change.

What’S your red line r33 and yours are 34 okay, so we’re gon na do another rolling race. This time, from 50 miles an hour with the cars in third gear. So here we go. Three two one go come on build. Oh there they go the buggers same thing again, but i tell you what the way these things build power is so nice, the twin turbo, really really works, doesn’t feel laggy just builds nicely and that sound from that straight six, 2.

is just glorious and if you’ve Been looking at my dolls thinking, wait a minute. Matt you’ve been talking about like 30 miles an hour and 50 miles an hour. The clocks say kmh well, as well as the titanium exhaust. Some of the upgrades the owner of this car has done is to fit some nismo dolls, which are in kilometers, but they actually relate to miles an hour in terms of where the needle is anyway. Let’S move on now we’re going to do a brake test from 100 miles an hour whenever it’s live full emergency, stop which car will stop in the shortest distance.

Now, if you’d rather watch another drag race, video with an s15 silvia with the guy who organized this drag race. Click on the pop-out banner up there for the link in the description below here comes the line for emergency. Stop now might be to do with. Might not be because well, i am the lightest. The r33 is lighter than the r34.

I’M just going to find my radio to gloat for a moment. If you don’t mind hello, everybody i’m very pleased with how i stopped the car. Wait, a minute the author. If i’ve just absolutely destroyed everybody, despite being the heaviest anyway, i’d like to say a big thanks to the guys who have lent us these cars without their help, these videos wouldn’t be possible, so go check them out. Links to them are in the description below and just tell them that kawaii have sent you okay.

It really does help us get more cards like this for you to enjoy anyway. I hope you all enjoyed the video if you did give it a like click on those windows there for some more videos and if you click on the box there, you can go to comment silica, just upload some photos of it. Brief description and our dealers will bid on your car to make sure you get a great price for it. Thanks for watching

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