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New BMW M4 CSL: The BEST M car EVER?

by Valhalla Team

this is the new bmw m4 csl it is bmw m division’s 50th birthday present to itself and it could well be the best m car bmw has ever built in this video i’m going to tell you exactly why because i’m at watson and you’re watching car wow buy sell car wow this new m4 csl is essentially the spiritual successor to the e46 m3 csl and actually i went to the original unveiling of that car and they gave all journalists this little kind of carbon fiber roof it was like a miniature version of what the car had because a carbon fiber roof that was the first time you got one on an m3 actually sold that thing on ebay for about 300 quid i probably wasn’t supposed to do that but i did for the m4 csl though bmw has upped their carbon fiber game obviously the standard car gets a carbon fiber roof so they had to go quite a bit beyond that so the new car has a carbon fiber bonnet and bits of the paint work are exposed so you can see the weave underneath you’ve got a common fiber front splitter common fiber size goes you’ve got a carbon fiber boot lid and on that boot lid is a duct tail spoiler just like the ducktail spoiler on the m3 csl there are some other changes for the m4 csl for instance the grille has less veins in it than the standard car there’s also red accents around the grille itself on the side skirts and on the bonnet and bmw are actually using their old bmw m badge design ran the bmw logo on the bonnet and elsewhere on the car like they use on the old 3 litre csl batmobile finally the changes are completed by some new brake light designs which have a sort of ribbon effect to them yellow in the headlights just like on the m5 cs and some exclusive paint schemes such as this frozen brooklyn grey underneath that carbon fiber bonnet is the same three liter twin turbo straight six you get in a normal m4 competition however bmw have fiddled with the car’s ecu to increase boost pressure as a result you get 550 horsepower instead of the standard competitions 510 horsepower torque is the same 650 newton meters however the m4 csl holds onto its peak torque for 450 revs longer that engine sends power to the rear wheels only there is no extra version of the csl and the gearbox is the same as in the standard m4 so it’s an 8-speed zf with a torque converter but it does have launch control just like the center car you’ve got a switchable exhaust system which you can make louder and the back box on the csl is made out of titanium which helps save weight but also increases the sound quality let’s talk about performance bmw says the m4 csl will do naught 60 in 3.7 seconds which is 0.2 of a second quicker than an m4 competition however i’ve timed a normal m4 competition did naught to 60 this quickly wow that hooked up really well for a rear-wheel drive car only wow 3.66 to 60.

so i’m predicting that this m4 csl will do not 60 in 3.

5 seconds now the math now i’m going to be sure to check that when i finally get the card to test drive and to make sure you don’t miss that video subscribe to this channel hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on and that way you’ll be alerted when i’ve reviewed the car and upload the video now the m4 csl is not only faster accelerating the standard car it also has a higher top speed 191 miles an hour which is 11 miles an hour more than an m4 competition can do it’s also the quickest production bmw round the nurburgring with a time of 7 minutes 20 seconds never ever mention the nurburgring mat you know what happens is the crush the old bmw has fitted the m4 csl with some unique wheels just like on the standard m4 competition they’re the same size so 19 inches at the front 20s at the rear however the csl has lighter stronger forged alloys which you can’t get on any other bmw they also come as standard with michelin pilot sport cut two r ties brilliant for the track little bit crab on a wet cold road so if you’d rather have some more sedate ties bmw will fit those instead as a non-cost option what’s also no extra cost a carbon ceramic brakes because the csl gets them as standard whereas on a normal m4 competition they’re part of an 8 000 pound pack now great thing about carbon ceramics is that they improve your braking performance on track and they reduce the unsprung mass of the car by 14 kilos oh they also come with red brake calipers snazzy bmw has upgraded the csl’s interior to make it feel more sporty for instance they got rid of the rear seats to help save some weight and instead you just get some nets which can hold your helmet anyway there’s also lots of carbon fiber got carbon fiber strip on the dash and a carbon fiber center console which means that the center console is actually half the weight of the standard car center console there’s also a fire extinguisher and unlike some other brands which strip out their cars entirely you still get a normal bmw infotainment system but it does have some csl logos and a full 10 speaker stereo changes to the m4 csl aren’t just about the looks or the engine’s performance or the brakes also about the handling so bmw has reworked the suspension also the car sits eight millimeters lower to the ground there’s stiffer anti-roll bars they’ve also altered the geometry on the car there’s more camber on the front wheels so i’ll give you slightly better cornering grip and the shock tower brace is beefier to make the car more rigid meanwhile at the back they’ve just removed the bushings between the subframe and the body so it’s just hard mounted so the ride is probably going to be a little bit firmer than on the standard car they do still like this on the car get adaptive dampers to help keep you in place when you’re making the most of those suspension upgrades the csl comes with some sporty bucket seats the design is very similar to the ones that you get on the m3 and the m4 competition as an option and i love those seats on my m3 competition however the ones in the m4 csl the backrest doesn’t move you can’t even flop it forward to allow access to the rear but then i suppose you don’t need to go in there apart from to fiddle with your helmet anyhow i’ve got to stop this overnight anyhow the seats they do slide forwards and backwards but if you want to raise them up or lower them down you have to go to a bmw dealer and a man with a special tool will alter the height of them for you now someone in the office said you have to be a special tool to come up with that idea for some seats but i don’t agree yeah neither do you do if you’re a bmw fan boy yeah also you should be aware that the seats don’t have anything like lumber support or heating or cooling so how much weight has bmw saved exactly well the use of those focus spore seats saves this much weight the removal of the rear seat saves this much weight the use of carbon fiber throughout the car has saved this much weight that detaining back box has saved that much weight the carbon ceramic brakes have saved this much weight less sound insulation has saved this much weight and then some other bits and pieces i can’t quite remember have saved this much weight that means in total the m4 csl is this much lighter than the standard car that’s quite saving for some reason for the m4 csl bmw has removed the rear cross traffic alert and self parking systems though you can pay extra to have them added back in however they have thrown in for free the m drive professional pack which is optional on the m4 competition which includes the m traction control system which allows you to alter the sensitivity of the traction control normally it has 10 different settings and with the m4 csl it still has 10 different settings and the first five settings are the same as on the normal m4 competition however the last five settings which go towards the off direction are different they lay a bit more slip angle a bit more fun though just like with the m4 competition you can turn everything off if you just want to do it yourself you’ve got to be careful though you don’t want to be crashing your m4 csl because if you write it off you might find it hard to get another one only 1 000 will ever be built and only 100 are coming to the uk so it’s going to be rare but then you know it’s going to be expensive as well site price 126 000 pounds that’s only 5 000 pounds less than the porsche 911 gt3 but to be fair an alfa romeo julia quadrifoglio gtam costs 150 000 pounds and if i’m brutally honest i thought that the normal m3 drove better than that car anyway sorry if i’m fanboying again but there you go still m4 csl if you want one put your name down now because production starts in july anyway i hope you all enjoyed the video if you did give it a like click on those windows there for some more videos and on that box there to get a call wow to see how much money you can save on a new car

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