Entity launches its DeFi services on the Elrond blockchain


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Blockchain users and startup founders on the Elrond blockchain can now enjoy Entity and its suite of products.

Entity, a growth engine for Web3 builders and investors on the Elrond Network, announced on Thursday, November 3rd, that it is now available for use by blockchain users and startup founders. 

According to its press release, the project was developed by Titan Stake, one of the most active staking service providers in the Elrond community, and Istari Vision, Elrond’s key partner and full-service provider for projects.

The team explained that it launched Entity to enable blockchain users and founders to stay on top of the ecosystem’s latest opportunities without a massive learning curve.

Entity is dedicated to connecting passionate investors with the best projects being built on the Elrond Network.

The Entity Launchpad, one of its key products, incubates high-potential Web3 companies and gives investors early access to the best projects on Elrond. Furthermore, the incubator helps projects building on Elrond to raise funds, gain exposure, and achieve greater adoption. 

The Entity Launchpad works alongside other Entity products that enable users to discover, invest, earn, and monitor projects on Elrond.

The Entity Project Monitor, reviews and rates startup submissions from the entire Elrond ecosystem. Its best projects have a chance to be listed on the Entity Launchpad. 

The platform’s Portfolio module makes it easier to monitor the performance of cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, Staking Provider Metrics help investors easily compare staking providers in terms of APR offered, nodes, and available space for staking. 

Delegation Metrics is another Entity product that helps delegators monitor their delegation history with detailed information and graphs. 

Entity’s Tax Tools simplifies the DeFi accounting process with structured tax-relevant data that is gathered and labeled from the blockchain.

While commenting on this latest cryptocurrency news, Wolfgang Rückerl, Co-Founder and CEO of Istari Vision and Entity, said;

“With Entity, we offer startups that build on the Elrond Network a platform to showcase their projects to investors both within the Elrond community and beyond into the larger DeFi space. On top of that, Entity offers a variety of exciting features, enabling users to dive deep into the Elrond ecosystem for better investment decisions, data analytics, and tax declarations. We believe that Entity will be a sustainable growth engine for the Elrond Network.”

Daniel Taranu, Co-Founder of Titan Stake and Entity concluded that;

“The Entity growth engine is designed for the benefit of users from a variety of backgrounds. Beginners will enjoy intuitive navigation and access to the Elrond Network. Proficient users now have a central platform to make quick and educated decisions about their crypto treasury. Builders will benefit from seamless project launches and wide access to a network of like-minded partners and venture capitalists. Those venture capitalists, in turn, can take advantage of Entity’s easy screening of investment opportunities and access to private sales.”

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