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Bitlocus and Striga launch crypto-enabled debit card

by Valhalla Team

Bitlocus, an emerging fintech company that gives fiat users a gateway to interact with DeFi, and Striga, a banking as a service crypto-native platform, joined forces to launch a crypto-enabled debit card for eligible Bitlocus users, Coin Journal learned from a press release

Users can make purchases at 70M+ locations 

Users will be able to buy goods and services with crypto at more than 70 million merchant locations worldwide because that’s how many accept traditional currencies. 

Holders of Bitlocus cards will be able to make online purchases, withdraw cash from ATMs, and spend their crypto on POS (Point of Sale) devices. 

Business clients can pay with tokens, brand cards

The card will allow Bitlocus’ business clients to pay with any of their tokens listed on the Bitlocus exchange. They will also be able to add their brand to the card.

Bitlocus CEO Andrius Normantas said:

The card is a natural addition to the portfolio of other Bitlocus products. Digital currencies and the crypto ecosystem in general are gaining momentum, and we want our clients to benefit from this shift as much as possible.

Striga CEO Bernardo Magnani added:

Our partnership with Bitlocus has been critical in the evolution of Striga as a company and dates to our early days when we were running our own crypto card program under the brand Lastbit. We are honored to have been selected by Bitlocus to power their ambitious crypto-enabled card program and excited to kick-off this new stage in our partnership.

The partners will introduce virtual as well as physical cards. 

Team Valhalla

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