Bitech introduces green energy mining solution


Bitech Technologies Corporation, an international technology solution provider, plans to expand its business to focus on introducing Tesdison technology, a self-charging, patented technology that provides an effective green energy solution for cryptocurrency mining, Coin Journal learned from a press release.

The company is dedicated to providing a suite of green energy solutions with a focus on cryptocurrency mining and data centers. It also announces its corporate name change to Bitech Technologies Corporation, which is part of the expansion plan. 

Up to 99% energy efficiency 

Tesdison, whose name is a combination of Tesla and Edison, is a highly efficient system to generate and charge electric power. The U.S. patented technology is anticipated to serve as an effective power-saving solution with up to 99% energy efficiency. 

It will replace expensive ASICs (application-specific integrated circuits), which miners currently use. The technology will reduce huge electricity bills too.

The Tesdison technology, which will be applied in the U.S., Canada, the European Union, Japan, South Korea, and many other countries worldwide, will have the following advantages:

  • Off-grid operation without a utility connection;
  • Modular, scalable storage and power generation;
  • No limit to discharge
  • Uninterrupted, constant supply of electricity at any desired voltage.
  • Generating up to 100% of the original output of energy;
  • Continuous delivery of renewable energy;

Infinitely scalable 

Thanks to its infinite scalability, the Tesdison technology can meet different client demands and needs. Among its anticipated green benefits are:

  • No fuel or supply issues;
  • Low maintenance cost with less mechanical wear and tear;
  • No dangerous bi-products and waste;
  • No need to operate near resources and supplies; and
  • Work with a multitude of battery storage manufacturers and suppliers;
  • Scalability with the customized buildout of smaller facilities.

The company will approach its strategic expansion through cooperation with leading cryptocurrency miners to generate more revenue with the purpose of obtaining a sizable market share quickly.  

Dr. Benjamin Tran, CEO of Bitech Technologies, commented:

Today we are poised to bring this disruptive technology to the cryptocurrency mining sector where digital assets have become a new way of life. We seek global partnerships with capable business partners to capture what we believe is a very big and growing market to greatly benefit all parties involved.

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