Zhao wants his crypto exchange to become a bridge between traditional finance and crypto, according to a report in Bloomberg. Team Valhalla
Eric Jardin, cybercrime research lead at blockchain firm Chainalysis, discusses how scammers were able to capitalize on the second biggest blockchain’s transition and how $2 million in Ether was swindled from the blockchain’s ecosystem. Team Valhalla
“Inflation continues to be sticky and high so rate hikes will continue, but the pace of hiking is set to slow,” said Nick Hotz, vice president of research at Arca. “Any sign of the Fed easing up would be taken as very bullish short-term for digital assets.” Team Valhalla...
“We’re working closely with other marketplaces, wallet providers, analytics organizations, and others, to develop holistic scam detection and prevention systems. We look forward to sharing more on this front soon,” OpenSea said in the blog post. Team Valhalla
The bitcoin price was trading around $20,400, little changed from the past 24 hours as investors awaited the Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision at 2 p.m. ET. Team Valhalla
All that’s easier said than done. Just to apply for a license you already need to be an EU-based legal entity, such as a company or formal partnership – which already rules out many decentralized governance models. (Witness Binance, which for a long time declined to say where...
Previewing Next Week's US Midterm Election Team Valhalla